Lost sketches, 2009.

Lost sketches, 2009.

Jasmine Flowers on America’s Got Talent!

Performing at the one and only Radio City Music Hall. 

My old dance company made it to the Top 48 on America’s Got Talent! So proud to see how far they have come and how much hard work they put into this.  They deserve every shining second on national television! You go girls. 

Duet. 2014

Beautiful animation by the amazing Glen Keane, animator of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin from Aladdin, Tarzan and many more. 

New York City.
Itsmeamyy, 2014.

New York City.

Itsmeamyy, 2014.

NYC Summer Sky

Radiant in my eyes

The glowing sun can never be undermined

itsmeamyy, June 2014.

Summer Rain

Lifted mist from the streets
Dampening the wind
A pastel palette blanketing the sky
Wet roads deepening the contrast
Don’t mind the apprehensive drizzle
Cool air improving the weather 
Better not complain
Translucent rainbow arching over the concrete jungle
Seems like summers just begun

Itsmeamyy, 2014.

If you’re a fan of Miyazaki.  MUST WATCH THIS.


A brief moment in time when everything was engulfed in pink, gold and blue.

What a great feeling when an old, bustling city feels young and brand new.

Colors that make the sky exude an ethereal presence.

Really gives meaning to life in the present.

A genuine thank you to the colors pink, gold and blue.

Original Content.

C: Itsmeamyy

Cooper Square, New York 2013

Original Content

C: Itsmeamyy

23rd Street and 5th Avenue, New York 2013

Best Superhero iPhone case. 

Best Superhero iPhone case. 

Patient DalmatianPatiently waitingLoyal companionNever complainingAlways greeted with a soft patIn return giving a pat backWet licks to initiateAn excited jump to commemorateYou’re here , you’re here!Lonely loyal DalmatianNo longer has to wait
Patient Dalmation. 2013
NYC, itsmeamyy

Patient Dalmatian
Patiently waiting
Loyal companion
Never complaining
Always greeted with a soft pat
In return giving a pat back
Wet licks to initiate
An excited jump to commemorate
You’re here , you’re here!
Lonely loyal Dalmatian
No longer has to wait


Patient Dalmation. 2013

NYC, itsmeamyy